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Theme + Bumper: $350

Themes: $295

Bumpers: $50

Each kickass song can only be purchased once. You alone receive exclusive rights.

Every YouTube channel, podcast, tv show, or other media endeavor needs a good, original theme song to stand out and be remembered.

Theme Song + Bumper Included
Theme Songs
Sold & Gone Forever!

Buying a song you get:

  • Production-ready asset files in MP3 and WAV format. Ready to be used in tv, radio, podcasts, streaming, and video.
  • Exclusive rights to use the song. No one else will be able to purchase or use the same song. View the ThemeSongStudio License Agreement.

Your project deserves a good theme song

A theme song is an important part of the identity of any media-centric production. It can be the difference between being remembered and forgotten. It sets the tone — literally — for how your audience reacts to their first and fiftieth encounter. Don't settle for something generic, bring a personality as unique as you!

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